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LED street lights are crucial street equipment in order to supply lighting and provide safe and secure streets.
LED STREET LIGHT 200w - Himalaya
‘Himalaya’ is a product that uses SMD LED.
LED STREET LIGHT 150w - Himalaya
‘Himalaya’ is a product that uses SMD LED.
‘Taftan’ is the LED lamp whit COB LED power supply. This product based on lighting standards and advanced design is used for roads, streets and highways lighting.
LED STREET LIGHT 120w - Taftan
‘Taftan’ is the LED lamp whit COB LED power supply.
‘Taftan’ is the LED lamp whit COB LED power supply.

LED street lights

Street lights are used to supply the light of streets and passages. Street lights enlighten passages and public places to provide security to the passengers and vehicles. Lighting supply in streets and green space passages are important in city design. this fact triggers the need for street lights, so street lights should be placed regularly. 

Actually, we can count street lights in urban furniture which are the product of lighting. Street lights are categorized into different groups according to the type of application. 

Designers choose the right street light according to their choice and the area needed to be lightened. It means that street lighting may be done in different ways, for example in some passages a gentle soft light is used, therefore the designer uses a different height of street lights based on the area and the amount of required light.

Due to the fact that street lights must be technically good, they also should be analyzed with safety, health and beauty aspects. Now we are going to present street lights characters.

1.The sale of lighting in passages conforming to the standards.

According to emitted light out of a street light the area, it should differ from place to place. For example, the lights which are used on highways should be distributed in a way that won’t harm drivers and passengers.

2.Producing a steady light

The light which diffuses from a street light should have a maximum homogeneity level, thus no penumbra has a suitable coloring. 

3.Street light installation at a suitable height 

If the installation height on freeways and highways goes upper than the driver’s sight and passenger’s sight. They would be more convenient. Therefore, the height of a street light is a crucial element. The light which is diffused from a street light has not hurt the driver’s eyes. So, the height should be set according to sufficient lighting and not to harm eyesight.

LED street lights

The source of light in street lights is the light-emitting diode (LED). These lamps are integrated with LED light so all parts of the LED are integrated and it’s impossible to separate its parts. 

Street light designing 

The main goals of street lighting design are listed below:

Perfect lighting in order to feel safe and secure. 

Environmental illumination to drive fast.

Having a clear view to move easily on the roads.

 As LEDs in lights get warmer, it needs to be cool down. In order to cool down the lights, a heat sink attached to the LEDs. The heat sink has grooves that guide the hot air through the LED. The life cycle of LED determines according to the initial days of lightening and its properties. If the light emitted from a street light breaks down to 30 %. Therefore, the life cycle of LEDs in the street light will be over soon enough.

Advantages of LED street light 

LED lights have a lens on the panel and follow a rectangular lighting pattern. In spite of the fact that conventional light bulbs waste lighter and cause light pollution. Driver’s eyes would be harmed, consequently, drivers would be in an inconvenience situation, so seeing would be difficult. 

We have characterized LED street lights into the following list:

  1. Low energy consumption

  2. Absence of poisonous gases.

  3. Long life cycle.

  4. Quickly power on and off.

  5. No attraction to insects.

  6. Decrease of glare.

A good light diffusion under low-temperature conditions.

  1. Applications of LED street lights

  2. Enlightening large areas.

  3. Places where there’s no electricity.

  4. Enlightening roads.

  5. Enlightening parking lots, terminals and passages.

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