Ramand LED Flood light


Ramand LED Flood light

Flood lights are essential to lighten a stadium, warehouse. you need a flood light to enlight a warehouse which is a durable and efficient lights
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Ramand LED Flood Light

Definitely, most people tend to buy an efficient economical product. We want to share Ramand LED floodlight’s properties. Ramand LED floodlight is a new product by Shayan electric industrial group that is produced on different powers (20, 35, 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 200).

Ramand LED flood light can resist sudden voltage fluctuation that is occurred by lightning or any other factor related to voltage fluctuation. Long life cycle and uniform lighting are the other factors that should be taken into consideration when you want to buy one, therefore Shayan electric industrial group provides you a floodlight with more than 50000 hours of life cycle and a Uniform lighting that can solve the dazzling problem of floodlights. This floodlight has an adjustable pipe holder, and no UV and IR rays. It has a glass protection that is resistant to warm and cold weather, and it can resist against the impact of outer objects like birds. Ramand LED floodlight is produced according to national and Tavanir standards. Ramand floodlights are produced based on different powers, besides it can be installed at different heights from 6 to 30 meters. Floodlights are useful at airports, stadiums, railways and parking lots. 

Ingress Protection or IP

IP is the short form of ingress protection which means protection against entries. One of the important features of electrical equipment like street lights and floodlights, is having IP standards. Ramand LED floodlight is protected by IP66. The first number is the resistance against dust and objects, and the second number shows the resistance against water and moisture, therefor IP66 means it is dust and water-resistant in order to mount the floodlight under the harsh situation. 

Body type and its material

Ramand floodlight is made of die-cast aluminum. producing the body with die-cast aluminum, making it 50 percent lighter than other materials, besides it has higher quality and a strong body structure. Furthermore, Ramand flood light’s body is designed according to aerodynamics techniques to cool down the body quicker.



Electrical Specifications

200W  175W150W  120W 100W80W75W60W50W35W30W 20WParameter
 230/50Nominal input voltage (V-AC/HZ)
 90-270/50-60Input voltage range (V-AC/HZ)
 0.960.81 0.72 0.600.49 0.36  0.360.29 0.24 0.17 0.150.104 Nominal input current (A)
PF>0.95Power factor
4832164824Number of LEDs (pcs)
3212 1Number of LED modules (pcs)
51Nominal power of each (W)
210177158130108808065 543833 21System power consumption (W)
<10%Total harmonic distortion (THD)
48 36Operating voltage of the LED module (Vdc)


Luminous Specifications

200W  175W150W  120W 100W80W75W60W50W35W30W 20WParameter
SMD LEDType of Light Source
22000200001800014400120009600900072006000420036002400Luminous Flux (Lm)
120Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W)
98%Lumen maintenance factor after 1000 hours
Ra>70Color rendering index (CRI)

3000, 4000, 5700

 Color temperature (Initial and maintained value)(°K) (±300)
2250Luminous intensity at the center of the system
30-90System light irradiation angle (deg)
7SDCMChromaticity Coordinates
740/779Photometric Code
9Maintain light flux code
50000 Nominal median lifetime, (L70, B50) (h)

Mechanical Specifications

200W  175W150W  120W 100W80W75W60W50W35W30W 20WParameter
IP66Degree of Protection (IP)
IK07Mechanical impact resistance
Aluminum die-castBody Material

Electrostatic Powder Color With Code RAL 2074

Body Cover
-20~+50Working Temperature Range(°C)
42˚C 51˚C  42˚C49˚C  42˚C37˚CThe maximum temperature TC (body temperature)
UP TO 95%Acceptable Moisture
Tempered Flat Glass
Gender the final Wall Luminous
Separate BallastLED module Type
IntegratedLED module structure
5.5 3.25 3.153Weight (kg)
400*275*70 345*220*60External Dimensions (mm)
powerful color printingpacking


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