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Tulip Light

In new urban management, beautifying the cities and creating an atmosphere of energy and tranquility among citizens is of a high importance. As a result, in designs for urban equipments, both factors of beauty and creating peace among citizens are taken into account. The lights used in parks and streets known as garden light and street light should not only give illumination but also provide peace in citizens

چراغ خیابانی لاله      چراغ خیابانی لاله

Tulip illuminative and decorative light, a product by Shayanbargh Company, is among the lights made by this company. It can be used to illuminate areas such as parks, building areas, hotels, hospitals etc

چراغ خیابانی لاله

High life time, low energy consumption are among the prominent features of the tulip decorative and illuminative light. The material used in the production of bulb is PMMA which in addition to high resistance to the internal heat inside the bulb, it is also resistant to atmospheric factors and UV ray from the sun

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