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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:26

star light

Colors have always been used to add beauty to the environment. After the invention of light and production of new colorful lights, these lights have always been used in parties and ceremonies. The possibility of blinking and dancing lights will add to the beauty and energy in the environment. As a result, nowadays particular attention is paid to light decoration activities in urban management

چراغ تزیینی ستاره فروزان     چراغ تزیینی ستاره فروزان

Since Shayanbargh Company is dedicated to developing new products for the society, it has decided to launch the production of glittering star decorative light

Star light is the result of research in the research and development department of Shayn Bargh Company. In spite of its beauty, it uses very low energy since LEDs have been used in its production

 Star light is produced in two versions: 4 and 8 branches

Due to the use of microprocessor control system, it has different dancing light capabilities

It can also be installed on other lamp posts or body of the buildings

All products of our company has after sales service

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