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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:16

Graphic digital board

Giving information to people present in the environment such as street, office buildings, government offices, private sector offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, train stations, subway stations, and restaurants are among the methods of getting messages across.

Sometimes, a picture can convey messages containing hundreds of words. The Graphic Digital board or LED graphic board is capable of texts and messages in the form of phrases and sentences inn addition to displaying picture and graphical shapes.

تابلو دیجیتالی گرافیکی

The LED graphic board or Graphic Digital board is capable of displaying images both static and dynamic which attracts the viewers’ attention more effectively leading to better message transfer.

Shayanbargh Company aiming at serving the community has designed and produced LED graphic boards as well as Graphic Digital boards.

The Graphic Digital board made by this company is capable of displaying both texts and images..

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