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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:15

Bank board

Sending messages across in closed environments where people are present is a very effective means of transferring information. Banks can covey different messages to the people due to the customers regular visits to the banks. Due to their massive contact with the customers, and enjoying a long stay in there, banks get their messages across using variety of boards and brochures. Space limitations and too many customers present in the bank may cause the customers to ignore ordinary means of communication as a result bank managements have turned toward digital board messaging. 

To meet such demands, Shayanbargh Company has designed and produced bank bulletin boards.

تابلو بانک

This board displays information such as date, time, and other commercial messages using variety of graphical and visual effects..

Simple but beautiful, no message limitation, easy and simple control, changing the message at any time, inserting occasional messages and attractive visual effects are among the features of these boards.

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