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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:14

Air quality display board

Industrialization and the presence of too many cars have polluted the air and endangered the health of the citizens. One of the ways to reduce this risk is to inform the citizens about the pollution level and gathering the information regarding the pollutants present in the air during different days of the year and making decisions in urban management based on these data

تابلو نمایش کیفیت هوا

In its efforts to serve the community, Shayanbargh Company has designed and produced Air quality display boards. These boards are capable of measuring and displaying dangerous gases in the air such as CO2, SO2, O, N)2, PM and PSI

 Air quality display board made by this company is capable of both displaying the amount of dangerous gases in the air in addition to displaying different types of informative messages

Messages displayed by these boards can be easily read during the day and the night

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