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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:17

Led Pine Light

Decorative lighting trees are among the products made by Shayanbargh Company to decorate the environment such as maple, cherry, and date and can be used in outdoor areas such as parks, squares, boulevards, streets etc

Trees are among the beautiful effects made by God. Every tree enjoys a unique beauty due to its shape and shape leaves. Using trees in Outdoor lighting will add to the happiness among people, cleaning the air and reducing the temperature. Nowadays, all over the world, to decorate the cities, designers develop artificial trees using LEDs based on natural trees and these lighting trees give special beauty to the cities, squares, streets, boulevards, and freeways at nights

درخت کاج نورانی

Shayanbargh Company aiming at serving the community has decided to design and produce pine light trees. These pine trees have been produced in their natural form like those trees in the spring.

Pine trees made by Shayanbargh Company consume very little energy and have a long life due to the use of LEDs in their construction.

Pine trees are produced in white, yellow, orange, blue, green and red. Dancing lights can also installed on them upon request adding to their beauty.

Pine trees can be used to decorate outdoor spaces such as hotels, hospitals, squares, parks etc.

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