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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:21

Led Maple Light

Trees are among the beautiful effects made by God. Every tree enjoys a unique beauty due to its shape and shape leaves. Using trees in Outdoor lighting will add to the happiness among people, cleaning the air and reducing the temperature. Nowadays, all over the world, to decorate the cities, designers develop artificial trees based on natural trees using LEDs and these lighting trees give special beauty to the cities, squares, streets, boulevards, and freeways at nights

In its effort to serve the community and stop importing goods to the country, the company has designed and produced lighting LED maple light. The tree is designed based on the natural LED LED maple light and leaf using the following colors: white, blue, green, red and yellow

درخت نوارانی افرا

LED maple light gives special beauty to the environment during the day using its wonderfully beautiful leaves and at night, it adds to the beauty of the area using its lighting capabilities

LED maple light from luminous luminous diode LED has been used. Luminous diode LED take a little energy and life are very high. Power of this tree, a lamp is 150 watts

The height of this lighting LED maple light is 170 cm and the width around 240 cm. Power consumption is 220volts eliminating the need to use adaptors

.Dancing lights can be installed on these trees to add to the beauty of the area

درخت نورانی افرادرخت نورانی افرا

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