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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:12

Led String Light

Colors add beauty to the environment. Imagine a world without any colors. One of the tools available to us to add beauty to the environment is adding colors. That is why we add color to our work area. We can also use lighting colors to make atmosphere more vivid.

To serve the community as a major goal, Shayanbargh Company has designed and produced string light to make the working environment more beautiful

led string light.

LED rope light or decorative light made by Shayanbargh Company is designed and produced in two models, LED LED maple light and LED LED LED LED cherry light. Instead of using high energy consumption lamps, low energy consumption LEDs have been used since they both have long life and low energy consumption.

LED rope light made by this company are in white, green, red, blue and multi colors and dancing lights can also be added to them.

LED rope light is suitable for parties and occasions and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces

All products and after sales service is guaranteed throughout the country

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