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Sat, July 21, 2018, 12:27

Led Bulb String Light

LED string light (AVANG) is made of LED technology and red, blue & green LED s .And according to a set schedule  all  lamps change into different seven colors

ریسه آونگ led   ریسه آونگ led

 LED bulb string light  because of using   LED  &  Electronical parts has very low energy consumption. Also having high life because of using LED and strength bubble against environment agents, such as sun & wind is of its advantages

LED bulb string light is installable in streets, sidewalks and parks

LED bulb string light is so beautiful & economical for beautification in any ceremonies .Easy installing (and using 220v power) and not needing for any converter are another of its advantages

ریسه آونگ led

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