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Integrated Systems Policy and Customer Complaint Handling
Engineering company worth Electric, the largest designer and manufacturer of beautiful products for urban and environmental, electrical, electronic and metal are hereby commitment and your will on the implementation, maintenance, development and promotion of Integrated Management System (IMS) and systems to handle customer complaints (ISO 10002) includes systems:
Quality management based on Iso 9001: 2008 standard
Environmental management based on ISO 14001: 2004 standard
Occupational safety and health management based on the standard ohsas 18001: 2007
Manage customer complaint handling based on ISo1002 standard: 2004
And following the following principles, will make every effort to allocate the financial and human resources required to meet all the requirements and requirements of the above standards.
Commitment to increase customer satisfaction by providing diverse and quality products and extensive after sales services
Commitment to complying with ISO 10002 requirements in handling customer complaints in order to respect the customers' rights and to obtain more satisfaction.
Increasing the organization's competitive ability in domestic and foreign markets to gain more market share
Commitment to the prevention of the production and release of environmental pollution in all processes of construction and installation
Commitment to the observance and observance of the standards, laws, national and international requirements for quality, environment, safety and occupational health of personnel
Commitment to the prevention, reduction and control of harmful factors in the workplace
Commitment to creating and communicating effectively and dynamically with personnel, clients and stakeholders in order to continuously improve quality, environmental, safety and occupational health
Commitment to the creation and use of the correct flow of information within the organization to continuously improve in all aspects of management, production, services and related processes.
Commitment to maintaining the health and safety of personnel and improving their level of knowledge and awareness, along with their participation in continuous improvement of the organization's performance.
Commitment to identify, understand and meet the needs of the organization's customers
Commitment to use the services of contractors and suppliers committed to complying with the requirements of quality, environmental, safety and occupational health
Commitment to optimizing resource consumption, including energy, reducing waste production and recycling
Commitment to Identify, Assess and Control Emergencies by Preparing Reaction Plans and Performing Periodic maneuvers
Commitment to control and reduce incidents and unbearable risks