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Introduction to Shayan Electrical Group

Shayan Electrical Engineering Company .............. at a glance
 Shayan Electrical Engineering Company was established in 1993 with the aim of designing and manufacturing electronic and electrical products and achieved great success in the field of electronic products manufacturing. Then, in 2000, with the change in shareholders' composition and recruiting experienced engineers, they succeeded in creating new fields of activity. The plant was built in Arak and it was expanding its products in lighting and urban furniture. At the end of the 80's, the company paid attention to research into the design and manufacture of lighting products with urban, industrial and home appliances, which is now one of the largest manufacturers of lighting lamps of various types, especially using LED and SOLAR technology in the country. The products of this company, in addition to being used by experts and the general public in all cities and provinces of the country in urban and industrial areas (power plants, oil and other industries), also export the country's borders to neighboring countries, the Gulf Coast Fars and other remote countries.

گروه صنعتی شایان برق

Combination and number of employees

Nearly thirty-five full-time engineers and experts, plus more than 200 specialists and personnel,installation and technical support

Products and products

All kinds of street lighting and LED parking lights, indoor LED lights, lighting towers, outdoor sporting goods, urban furniture, as well as electric and electronic urban amenities

Strategic goals

1. Attain the highest level of quality and innovation in the production of all products in the production line.

2. Use of technical and technological know-how to produce technological products and provide the best services at the fastest speed.

3. Work with the most reputable domestic and foreign raw material producers to supply quality products

4. Provision of services according to what we call a commitment.

5. Constant attention to the needs and expectations of customers through periodic evaluation

 company strategy:

Creating a win-win relationship. Wide (customer - company - community) in the field of all activities of the company and through the production and supply of products with high quality, reasonable prices and environmental compatibility. Development and generalization of LED lighting systems in order to help with programs based on Energy efficiency.